Colon Cleanse & Liver Flush

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Colon Cleanse & Liver Flush

10 Days

$550 Incl. GST

This program is aimed at helping you eliminate liver and gall stones naturally and easily improving liver function. It also facilitates a thorough colon cleanse and rests for your digestive system.

Your Coach

Patricia Ribas

Naturopath, Nutritionist, Iridologist

What you get


1x Colon Cleanse formula $65
1x 1kg Bag of Epsom salts $10
1x Enema kit $70

1x Greens powder $55

$200.00 value


You will receive plenty of information from me. Main areas covered will be 

Written material

  • Get the most out of your colon cleanse 

  • How to do a colon cleanse

  • What to expect

  • Daily schedule

  • Daily checklist

  • FAQs


  • How to colon cleanse video

  • History of colon cleanse video

  • How to use an enema video

  • Why use an enema video

  • How to do a liver/gallbladder flush

$112.00 value


Honestly this is probably the most important part, getting reassurance and guidance throughout this process and having your questions answered when you need it, your doubts eased and your challenges supported along the way will give you the confidence and peace of mind to complete this program successfully and make it an enjoyable journey. To help you gain the best possible experience you will receive 

  • Daily support from your health coach Patricia Ribas

  • Daily check in by email, chat and or phone communication to assist with detox symptoms and any trouble shooting

  • Accountability partner for staying on top of your daily checklist 

  • After care support on day 11

  • A bonus gift called the '7 principles of health’ series

$452.00 value

Additional tools required for completing this program


You will need a Juicer to do this program and no a Nutribullet or blender wont do unless you want lower effectiveness and pulpy mush. It must be a juicer. If you don’t already have a juicer I highly recommend the Kuvings brand which have a great range of juicers. They are a high quality cold pressed machine. I am a distributor for them and will do my best to give you the best price point on this investment for your health. 

Have a look at their website and if you are interested in a model just let me know to see what I can arrange


Another option is to run up to Kmart and purchase a non cold pressed juicer machine like a breville juicer for example. Around $100 I think. You can’t compare this to a kuvings however it will get the job done for this program. 

Filtered Water

You also need clean filtered water for this program. If you don’t have a current filtration system that’s fine as long as you can source filtered water (e.g. Supermarket). I highly recommend the company Alkaway. Again I distribute this amazing water unit which is backed by extensive research and exceeds competitors on a range of fronts including design, build quality, effectiveness and value for money. Feel free to discuss this further with me if you are interested as I can help you with this 

However again this is not essential, just as long as you have good clean water

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