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Will you be offering any type of services while the lockown is in effect?

We are looking into what services we can offer, particularly ones that will put you, your family and friends in a better position to deal the risks that Covid-19 poses. Stand by for more in the next few days to a week.

When do you reopen?

Monday April 20

Who will be working?

All of our Therapists except Lana Reiche

What hours will you be operating?

Normal hours, 8:30am to 8:00pm

How will Symmetry comply with the Covid-19 guidelines and keeping you safe?

All of our Therapists have completed and will adhere to the Covid-19 training for operating in this environment.

What controls will Symmetry have in place to keep therapists and clients safe?

We will be

  • thermal scanning clients on entry
  • adhering to standard Covid-19 practices when dealing with elderly or vulnerable clients and clients who have been in contact with someone who is suspected to or is confirmed to have Covid-19
  • cleaning high touch services after every client visit
  • continue to wash or sanitise our hands before and after each treatment
  • purifying the air with essential oils
  • only permitting one client in the reception area at any one time
  • therapists may wear face masks during treatment, this is for your safety and theirs

Booking System

When will you be switching to Mindbody?

We are currently reveiwing whether Mindbody is the right platform for Symmetry and our clients. We will provide you with updates on our decision in due course. For the meantime we will continue operatig with Acuity Scheduling.


Do all your therapists give instant rebates?

All of our therapists except Anthony Maurin and Karina Arab provide instant health fund rebates, however all of our therapists are profressional educated, experienced and have a great track record with our clients.

Are all your Therapist qualified?

Yes all our therapistss are qualfied Massage Therapists.


How confident are you that you are still going be around in 1 - 3 months?

We are very confident that we will still be operating after Covid-19 for the following reasons. 1. We have ceased all non essental purchasing and spending 2. We are negotiating a mutually benefiicial agreement with our landlord so that we can conserve cash 3. We do not have any debts 4. We have s rainy day operating cache to meet any unforseen events 5. We are taking steps to offer services and products to assist our customers during Covid-19 that will help us maintain a small cashflow which we will use to further bolster our rainy day cache 6. We want to be here to serve you when this is all over

Why are you closed and how long will you be closed for?

We have temporarily closed our doors as per direction from the government which has requested that all non essential services (which includes massage and wellness clinics) cease operating to support social distancing and slow the spread of Covid-19.

How do i get access to your new booking system Mindbody?

Simply go to our registration page and follow the on screen prompts to create an account. Once your account is created you will be able to book services, purchase products refer friends and family and accumulate rewards all from the same platform. Click here to go to the registration page

When will you be switching to your new booking system?

We are curretly reviewing whether Mindbody is the right platform for Symmetry and our clients. We will provide more information on this in due course.

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