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18 April 2020

We're back!

Following recent government announcements on April 16 remedial massage is now permitted to operate. Below are some answers to questions you might have for us around reopening.

When do you reopen? 

Monday April 20

Who will be working?

All of our Therapists except Lana Reiche

What hours will you be operating?

Normal hours, 8:30am to 8:00pm

How will Symmetry comply with the Covid-19 guidelines and keeping you safe?

All of our Therapists will be completing the Covid-19 training for operating in this environment.

What controls will Symmetry have in place to keep therapists and clients safe?

We will be

  • thermal scanning clients on entry

  • adhering to standard Covid-19 practices when dealing with elderly or vulnerable clients and clients who have been in contact with someone who is suspected to or is confirmed to have Covid-19   

  • cleaning high touch services after every client visit

  • continue to wash or sanitise our hands before and after each treatment

  • purifying the air with essential oils

  • only permitting one client in the reception area at any one time

  • therapists may wear face masks during treatment, this is for your safety and theirs

30 March 2020

We are adhering to the lockout rules

We have temporarily closed our doors as per direction from the government which has requested that all non essential services (which includes massage and wellness clinics) cease operating to support social distancing and slow the spread of Covid-19.

Click here to see our Covid-19 FAQ's

17 March 2020

Our response to Covid-19, and how we plan on supporting you. We are still open!

Over the past few weeks, Symmetry Massage Centre has been closely monitoring the developing situation around Covid-19 and we have been following guidance from Australian authorities and our own industry support organisation ATMS (Australian Traditional Medicine Society) to ensure we have the right plans and resources in place to safeguard your health and well-being and that of our Therapists. Here are some steps we are taking and steps we are asking of you to take to ensure everyone's well being as we continue to serve our community through this event.


What we are doing

  • We are still open and will remain so for the foreseeable future but will reevaluate this as more information comes to light and recommendations from authorities evolve

  • We are increasing the frequency with which we clean and disinfect high touch surfaces such as door handles, taps, POS and computer equipment

  • We are maintaining a fortnightly professional deep clean of the entire clinic

  • We continue to use air purifiers and will regularly vent the clinic to allow fresh air to circulate

  • Therapists continue to sanitise hands between clients

  • We are asking clients to sanitise hands on entry to the clinic

  • We normally thoroughly enjoy welcome clients with a handshake or hug where familiarity permits, however, our Therapists will be refraining from contact as much as possible outside of the treatment.

  • We have asked our team to use extra caution when evaluating their own personal health and that of their families and therapists will stay or go home if they are not well or a family member is unwell until the all clear is given


What we are asking of you

  • We ask if you are not feeling well, please stay home. We know how much a massage or our products can assist with healing and pain management, however we want to make sure everyone is healthy

  • We normally welcome clients of all ages but given the risk to yourself and other vulnerable members of the population if you are over 60, have a compromised immune system or are a member of a vulnerable population, we ask that you stay home

  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water for more than 20 seconds or sanitise ofte

  • Increase ventilation in your work space, home and while driving

  • In case you and your family have to self isolate, aim to have 7-14 days worth of food supplies at home for you and your family over that period

  • If you are isolated and feel that any of our products can help with immune support, contact us and we will either do our best to mail them to you or direct you to an alternate source

  • Nurture your bodies natural immune system with immune building habits such as;

    • drinking fresh squeezed juices,

    • drinking plenty of water (about 35ml per kilo of body weight)

    • reducing highly processed foods and increase fruits and veggies

    • increasing exercises and deep breathing and reduce stress

    • taking Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Magnesium supplements

    • getting enough sleep and maintaining an optimistic and balanced outlook

09 March 2020

We are extending the timeframe for rolling out our new booking system so we get it right

What? Where's my new booking system and all those fancy promises?

Yeah we got a tad bit excited, and well you know how tech can be... 

  • first your like, this is awesooome!!

  • then your like, c'mon just do what I... aargh... yep that's tech


So yeah, that's us... the dude getting doused with a cold bucket of reality, these things just take time... fine reality message received loud and clear, thanks for that unsolicited bit of insight 

With our new found patience and doubling down on ironing out a few kinks, we should be up and running by Monday March 23.

Thanks for your patience! See you on the tables :)

17 Feb 2020

We are transitioning to a new booking system!

We've been looking into ways we can serve you better, and provide a better working experience for our therapists. One of the things we are introducing is a new system for managing bookings, client data and product purchases. We really think making this change is going to be a huge help to you and our staff... we're very exited 

Below are a few questions we thought you might have around the transition... and we've included answers of course because not doing so would... just be daft 


If you have questions that we haven't answered, please email them to and we will do our best to get back to you with a satisfactory answer!

What’s happening and when is it happening?

  • On March 9, 2020 we will be switching from our existing booking system Acuity Scheduling to a new booking system called Mindbody

Why are you switching?

  • Acuity has been a great system, but technical difficulties and limited functionality is preventing us from providing the best possible client and staff experience

How will this benefit me?

  • The process for booking will be just as easy as with Acuity

  • It will be easier to track your appointment history between therapists so we can serve you better

  • You will be able to add yourself to a waiting list and be automatically booked in if there is a cancellation

  • You will be able to see your purchase history and client notes online

  • you will be added to our new reward program where every dollar spent comes with a thank you point. Collect enough and you can redeem for products and services

  • You will be able to purchase products online with your appointment 

  • It will be easier for Therapists to facilitate product purchases in store which improves your check out experience

  • You will be able to get a receipt emailed to you after your appointment

  • We will be able to introduce last minute deals to help you save (score!)

  • And more!

How will this affect me?

  • The main change is that you will require a username and password to access the new booking system. You can set these up by 

    • easily logging in using your Facebook or Google account through the Facebook or Google connect features

    • using the “Forgot password” feature to request a new password (if you have provided us with an email address in Acuity)

    • If you haven't provided an email in Acuity, email us at and we will update your account and help you out

What will happen to my appointment history and treatment notes from previous treatments

  •  All your data is being transferred to the new booking system so you can pick up where you left off


What will happen to gift cards and/or packages I've purchased that still have credits on them?

  • Your gift card and package purchases will be transferred along with your other data so you won't miss out!

What will happen to reward point's I've earned?

  • We are working out how to transfer these across and will aim to have these credits ready for you to claim within 1 month of transitioning.

Will my data remain safe?

  • Your data is as safe as possible due to Mindody having the highest level of PCI certification (credit card transaction security to protect against fraud of all kinds), HiTrust CSF certification and is trusted by McAfee. Go your data!


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